Share Extras SDK

The Share Extras SDK provides a number of sample projects that you can use as templates to build your own add-ons.

All sample projects share a common folder structure for organising your repository, web-tier and client-side customisations. Apache Ant is used to build and deploy the files in standard formats.

Before you start using the projects, you will want to ensure you have a Development Environment set up. Most Share Extras projects use Eclipse, and therefore the projects provide Eclipse project definitions for your use, although you are not required to use Eclipse.

The following sample projects are part of the Share Extras SDK.


Sample project providing a template intended to make it easy to define your own Share extensibility modules

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Sample project to help you build your own Share customisations, containg a dashlet example, with instructions on how to add additional components

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Sample project providing a basic example that you can use to define your own Share Admin Console components

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Sample project to help you define your own Share Document Library Actions

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Sample custom action for Data List items for use within the Data Lists component of Alfresco Share

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