Sample Extensibility Modules for Alfresco Share

Author: Will Abson

This project is intended to demonstrate the new extensibility features of Alfresco Share 4.0 and to make it easy to define your own modules.

Share Modules are a new feature in Alfresco 4.0 and allow pages to be customised at the region, component or even the mark-up level.

The project builds on the SDK Sample Dashlet and uses the same project structure, Ant build script and Eclipse project configuration, but is suitable for developing more complex customizations such as the examples in Dave Draper’s tutorials.

The project re-uses the tutorial code from Dave’s blog to show examples of the following

  • Adding new regions in a page
  • Hiding existing regions or components
  • Overriding or adding new message bundle strings within components
  • Extending components’ JavaScript controllers
  • Extending component Freemarker templates

The examples demonstrate the two main methods of extending existing components using Share modules, based on sub-components or customizations (of existing components/templates).

All the examples used in this project are taken directly from Dave Draper’s tutorials, with some small modifications to the folder structures.

You will need to be familiar with the concept of a Share Module and the differences between templates, pages, regions, components and sub-components in order to create your own projects. Reading the blog examples thoroughly will help you understand the background.

Creating Your Own Projects

To use the sample project, download the sample-share-modules-src-<version>.zip file from the

More Information

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