Share Extras is an open project and we encourage you to contribute to your favourite add-ons by forking the public code.

Non-coders can also contribute just by trying out the existing add-ons and providing feedback via the mailing list or in the Issues section of the relevant project.


An enhancement to an existing add-on may be a new feature, a translation in your local language or a fix for a specific issue.

If you have an idea for an enhancement that would benefit you or are willing to implement an enhancement yourself, please start by checking in the Issues section to see if anyone else has logged something similar. If not, you can add a new issue and tag it as an enhancement.

By submitting any additional code, configuration or documentation, you agree to license the content under the current project license. At the time of writing this is the Apache License 2.0.

New Add-ons

Anyone can create a new add-on project using free tools such as Git. We encourage you to publish your code as open source on a public repository - we use GitHub but there are many others out there.

Once you have published your code and created an initial release, you should strongly consider listing it on the Alfresco Add-ons site.

You add-on will then be available to the community to use and improve. There is no need for you to do anything further, however, some people have expressed a desire to contribute their add-ons to Share Extras.

Contributing an existing add-on will give you the benefits of being associated with a larger project, but it does not absolve you of responsibility! What this generally means is that you will remain the project leader responsible for managing the code.

If you are interested in contributing an existing project, then please send an email to the mailing list in order to start the discussion. Please provide the URL of the public repository.

The Project Leader(s) will decide whether a new add-on should be accepted. If accepted, a new project will be created within the share-extras organisation on GitHub, the existing code will be forked to there, and share-extras on GitHub will become the main home for your code.

By submitting code, configuration or documentation for your add-on, you agree to license the content under the current project license. At the time of writing this is the Apache License 2.0. You must have the authority to release your content under this license, but note this does not affect ownership of the content.

Top-Level Add-ons

Once an add-on is considered sufficiently mature, it can be promoted to a top-level add-on. Top-level add-ons are listed in the Project Description text on the Share Extras front page.

The Project Owners will decide whether a sandboxed add-on should be promoted. Typical criteria for promotion include, but are not limited to the following.

The Project Owners may decide to remove a sandboxed add-on which has not been promoted within a reasonable time.

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