Wiki Rich Content improvements for Alfresco Share

Author: Will Abson

This project implements a number of customisations to the Alfresco Share wiki component to improve its visual appearance, and add support for dynamic tables of contents, embedded document previews, in-line data lists/tables and syntax-highlighted code using Google Code Prettify.

The add-on has been tested against Alfresco version 3.3/3.4 and version 4.x.

Wiki Table of Contents Wiki Code Formatting


The customisations are packaged as a single JAR file for easy installation into Alfresco Share.

To install the customisations, simply drop the wiki-rich-content-<version>.jar file into the tomcat/shared/lib folder within your Alfresco installation, and restart the application server. See General Installation if this folder does not exist or if the customisations do not take effect after restarting.

In Alfresco 4.x, you need to enable the module named Wiki Rich Content module within the module deployment console, once you have started Alfresco. You can access the console by visiting the following URL.


Once you have added the module to the Deployed list, you must then click Apply Changes to make the changes take effect.

Separate modules are provided for adding ToCs, in-line data lists/tables and syntax-highlighted code and YouTube/Vimeo videos, so you can choose the enhancements you need.

Building from Source

An Ant build script is provided to build a JAR file containing the custom files, which can then be installed into the tomcat/shared/lib folder of your Alfresco installation.

To build the JAR file, run Ant from the base project directory.

ant dist-jar

The command should build a JAR file named wiki-rich-content-<version>.jar in the build/dist directory within your project, which you can then copy into the tomcat/shared/lib folder of your Alfresco installation.

Alternatively, you can use the build script to hot deploy the JAR file directly into a local Tomcat instance for testing. You will need to use the hotcopy-tomcat-jar task and set the tomcat.home property in Ant.

ant -Dtomcat.home=C:/Alfresco/tomcat hotcopy-tomcat-jar

After you have deployed the JAR file you will need to restart Tomcat to ensure it picks up the changes.


  1. Log in to Alfresco Share and navigate to a site with some wiki content
  2. Locate a wiki page and click the Edit Page link at the top of the page, or create a new page by hitting the New Page button. You can now edit the contents of the page in the inline editor. * To have the table of contents be shown, add some headings (at least 2) to the page * To show the code highlighting, add some preformatted text to the page * To show a document preview or a YouTube or Vimeo video, use the Insert/edit Link button to add a link to the item and specify the target Embed preview with link or Embed preview with no link from the Target drop-down list * To turn an existing table into a YUI DataTable, add the class datatable to the table from the Insert/edit new table dialogue. * To embed a Data List, create a new empty table, specifying the class datatable:aaaa-bbbb-cccc-dddd, where the last part is the name of a Data List in the site (which you can find on the end of the List URL in your browser) * If you want to show only specific columns from the Data List then add some column headings to the table, ensuring that these match the names of the properties in the Data List, e.g. Name or cm_name.

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