Alfresco Welsh Language Pack

Author: Will Abson

This language pack provides translation of Alfresco Share as well as all translatable repository messages.

The translation is complete for Alfresco Community 4.2.c and should be backwards-compatible with all previous versions.

All translations have been spell-checked using the Welsh dictionary files for and manually checked for grammatical errors. As part of the project it has been necessary to standardise the translation of many of the terms used in the Alfresco interface, which have been documented in the file glossary.txt.

Building from Source

An Ant build script is provided to build a JAR file containing the custom files, which can then be installed into your Alfresco installation.

To build the JAR file, run the following command from the base project directory.

ant dist-jar

The command should build a JAR file named alfresco-langpack_cy.jar in the build/dist directory within the project.


Copy the JAR file into <TOMCAT_HOME>/shared/lib. If this directory does not exist then you can create it, but you should also check that the shared.loader property defined in <TOMCAT_HOME>/conf/ includes it, e.g.


You should update the value if it is empty, or add this value to the bottom of the file if it is not already defined or is commented out.

You will need to restart the Alfresco server before you can use the language pack.


Alfresco Share will auto-detect the client language based on your browser settings. You will need to add ‘Welsh’ as the first entry in your preferred languages - in Firefox click Tools > Options > Content > Languages > Choose or click Language settings in Chrome’s Advanced Settings.

To use the language pack in the Alfresco Explorer web client you will need to add the cy locale to the list of additional languages displayed on the login screen in web-client-config-custom.xml.

Note: TinyMCE translations (including Welsh) are available from the TinyMCE Language Packs page. You will need to install these into the alfresco and share webapps in order to use TinyMCE as without a language pack for the current locale TinyMCE will not work.

  • Web client: alfresco/scripts/tiny_mce
  • Share: share/modules/editors/tiny_mce


The following sources have been instrumental in helping to develop the translation:

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