Flickr Photos dashlet for Alfresco Share

Author: Will Abson

This project defines three custom dashlets to display a slideshow display of photostreams sourced from Flickr’s public API. The dashlets are able to display public photos from three types of feed.

  • User photos
  • User contacts photos
  • User favourite photos

Flicks Slideshow Dashlet


The dashlets are packaged in a single JAR file for easy installation into Alfresco Share.

To install the dashlets, simply drop the flickr-dashlets-<version>.jar file into the tomcat/shared/lib folder within your Alfresco installation, and restart the application server. You might need to create this folder if it does not already exist.

Building from Source

An Ant build script is provided to build a JAR file containing the custom files, which can then be installed into the tomcat/shared/lib folder of your Alfresco installation.

To build the JAR file, run Ant from the base project directory.

ant dist-jar

The command should build a JAR file named flickr-dashlets-<version.jar in the build/dist directory within your project, which you can then copy into the tomcat/shared/lib folder of your Alfresco installation.

Alternatively, you can use the build script to hot deploy the JAR file directly into a local Tomcat instance for testing. You will need to use the hotcopy-tomcat-jar task and set the tomcat.home property in Ant.

ant -Dtomcat.home=C:/Alfresco/tomcat hotcopy-tomcat-jar

After you have deployed the JAR file you will need to restart Tomcat to ensure it picks up the changes.


  1. Log in to Alfresco Share and navigate to a site where you are a Site Manager OR to your user dashboard
  2. On the dashboard and click the Customize Dashboard button to edit the contents of the dashboard. Drag a Flickr dashlet into one of the columns from the list of dashlets to add it.
  3. Click OK to save the configuration.
  4. The chosen dashlet should now be shown on your dashboard.

More Information

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